How to Avoid Damage to Your Marble Countertops: Practical Tips

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a beautiful and durable choice for any kitchen or bathroom. However, even with proper care, they can suffer damage over time. In this article, we’ll give you some practical tips for avoiding damage to your marble countertops.

Tips to avoid damage to marble countertops:

Avoid placing hot objects directly on the countertop. Marble is a porous material that can absorb heat, which can cause cracking or chipping. If you need to place a hot object on the countertop, use a trivet or cutting board.

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the countertop. Harsh chemicals can damage the marble finish. Use a mild, marble-specific cleaner. 

Mild marble cleaner

Do not use abrasive scouring pads to clean the countertop. Abrasive scouring pads can scratch the marble surface. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. 

Soft sponge for marble cleaning

Seal the countertop regularly. Sealing will help protect the marble from stains and damage. Seal the countertop at least once a year. 

Sealed marble countertops

Protect the countertop from sudden changes in temperature. Sudden changes in temperature can cause cracks or chips. Avoid placing the countertop in contact with cold or hot surfaces.

Additional tips:

If the countertop becomes stained, try to clean it as soon as possible. Stains that are allowed to dry may be more difficult to remove.

If the countertop becomes scratched, you can try polishing it with a marble polishing compound. However, if the scratches are deep, you may need to hire a professional to repair them.

By following these tips, you can help protect your marble countertops and prolong their lifespan.

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